Our care package includes private pickup at Guadalajara International Airport by a member of our staff, who will provide transportation back to Casita Montana Medical Center. Look for a sign with your name. Upon arrival, you will meet Anne Dyer and be shown your room and be made comfortable. Your first 24 hours here provide a safety buffer to ensure your body's ability to acclimate to the higher altitude and regain full circulation after your plane flight, to prevent any incidence of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). During this time you will meet our staff and enjoy the full amenities of Casita Montana, including meals, cable TV, internet and concierge assistance for enjoying the beauty of the Ajijic village



Your first priority will be to have necessary blood work done. There is a private lab and pharmacy next to Casita Montana Medical Center. You will meet with your doctor and go over the details of your surgery, and fill out any necessary forms at this time. Each patient's requirements are unique based on the type of surgery and individual health requirements.

For your convenience, we have an on-site laundry service so you will not need to bring an excessive amount of clothing. You will wear the same clothes to and from the surgery and during your procedure you will be given a clean hospital gown. You will want to take your toothbrush and toothpaste to the hospital with you, and sunglasses to wear on the way home. We recommend you leave unnecessary valuables at home, however we do provide a private safe for those valuables and/or cash you do bring. We recommend you take $100 pesos with you to the hospital for extras you might enjoy, such as purchasing a cappuccino or snack

At Casita Montana Medical Center, full meal service is provided for six days after surgery. After that, we provide two meals a day - breakfast and lunch. Dinner is available for purchase, but we have found most guest like to explore some of the many nearby restaurants. Our friendly staff will be able to make recommendations based on your dietary preferences.



If you are having a facelift or underarm tuck surgery, professional photos will be taken before the surgery. You will be surprised at how quickly you adapt to your new appearance, and forget how differently you looked before your surgery. "After" photos are taken when you have recovered - and patients are always delighted to see the improvements!

In the early evening, dinner is served; we will go over any questions you might have, and review all the details regarding your surgery day. After dinner you have some private time in your room to watch TV or read. About a half hour before bedtime, you will be given a mild relaxation pill provided by your doctor, (we call it our "Happy Pill"). The type of medication is determined by your doctor based on your medical requirements. We suggest you try to get to sleep 9:00 or 9:30 to be fully rested for your day of surgery.

On the morning of your surgery, we will wake you at 5:30 to take a shower, and to take your second happy pill. You will be taken to our state of the art medical facilities in Guadalajara, where you will stay in a private room with full amenities. Please be assured that you will never be left alone before, during or after your surgery. We have found that our patients take great comfort in knowing that for the duration of your stay, you will always be attended by either a private bi-lingual nurse or a capable and experienced professional bi-lingual caregiver. We want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible and have the ability to easily communicate your needs or concerns throughout the process.

We will leave for the short ride into Guadalajara at 6:00 am. We take all records and nurses' notes along for the doctors to review. Your check in at the hospital is easy, and you only have to sign in because all of your admission forms are filled out by Anne Dyer in advance. Your doctor will lead you into a private dressing room to change into your hospital gown and booties. Again, you will never be left alone. From there you will enter the surgery suite where your surgery will be completed. When finished, your doctor will call Casita Montana and let us know all is well and either your doctor or one of our associates will contact your loved ones or point-of-contact to let them know you are fine.



After spending the night in the hospital with your private bi-lingual nurse, who will attend to your every need, you will be released and transported back to your private room at Casita Montana Medical Center. We will pick you up at 10:00am to take you directly to Casita Montana. Oneof our professionally trained caregivers is assigned to your care, and will take your blood pressure, making sure everything is fine. We have cold packs to aid your comfort and tea bags for your eyes, and lots of pampering with TLC. You are served plenty of juice and liquids to assist your body in eliminating all toxins and promoting the healing process. Your caregiver also checks in with you frequently during the day. Your medical records are available throughout the process with lists of all medications, food, liquids etc, needed, as per your doctor's orders.

The following morning at Casita Montana Medical Center, you will be given several options to enjoy the breakfast of your choice. Your caregiver will arrive and check your bandages, remove any as required, clean and check your stitches, and help you with a shower and shampoo. Your lunch will be light - usually soup and juice. Dinner will be your choice of chicken or fish with vegetables.

After six or seven days, depending on how you feel and your recovery rate, you can begin to enjoy the beauty and charm of lovely Ajijic. There are many authentic restaurants to enjoy and lovely shops that offer beautiful jewelry, clothing and souvenirs to remind you of the wonderful transformation you have experienced on the way to becoming "the new you."

Marvel at the difference your surgery has made. Your doctor will sign your release, our staff will say goodbye, and you will be driven to the airport for your return home.