Why is there a plastic surgery aftercare facility in a small village like Ajijic?

The Village of Ajijic (as well as the neighboring villages on the northern shore of Lake Chapala) is a popular retirement / holiday community with a large population of expatriates - mainly Canadians and Americans.

Ajijic is just over a half hour drive to the metropolis of Guadalajara, home to the very prestigious Guadalajara Institute of Reconstructive Surgery where the best surgeons in Mexico as well as medical students from all over the world have been training in the latest surgical techniques for the past four decades.

Guadalajara is known worldwide for it's state of the art medical facilities and the reputation of it's surgeons.

What sets Casita Montana Medical Center apart from other after care facilities?

We are the ONLY after care facility in the Guadalajara and greater Guadalajara area which offers qualified nursing staff and English speaking personal.

The post surgery period is crucial to a successful transformation and you need to be monitored and supported in your recovery period.

Why is before, during and after care important?

A thorough health screening, labwork, and honest discussion with your doctor are critical before your surgery. You need to be properly prepared for your surgery, and you need to be certain your surgeon understands what your expectations and desired outcome is.  Some very low plastic surgery prices are attractive, but buyer beware. The price of surgeon's time experience, skill, equipment, anesthesiologist, nurses, and medication have value. Stay away from the "too good to be true" bottom prices. Check references and understand what you are getting for the price. In many cases with "cheaper" surgery you'll find there is virtually no before and after care provided, creating a dangerous situation for patients who may experience bleeding, high blood pressure or pain after a procedure.

Why is plastic surgery less expensive in Mexico?

In a word, lower overhead. The cost of living, which includes everything from staff salaries to office and residential costs is lower in Mexico.

Another big factor is that doctors in Mexico do not have to pay the enormous medical malpractice insurance premiums that they must in the more litigious U.S. where premiums in some states in certain practices can top $200,000

What should I know before undergoing plastic surgery?

A good doctor will be board-certified, have standing in a hospital facility, and many patients willing to refer him. He should be staffed and equipped to make sure there are no gaps in patient care before, during, and after surgery.

English speaking staff are critical to success - your doctor, anesthesiologist, nurse, attendant, and patient care manager should all work together to ensure you are informed at every stage of the process.

It is important to spend the first 24 hours in a hospital to handle and problems that may arise such as bleeding, nausea, dizziness, or high blood pressure. Post surgery is the most vulnerable time for patients - mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Having a professional available to change and remove bandages, assist you in washing your hair and taking a shower, and providing the proper medication and food during the hours after surgery is a must. You may need more than a doctor to get you through the entire process of having surgery - it's so very helpful to have an experienced English-speaking patient care team such as the expert team at Casita Montana Medical Center.

Who are the doctors and what is their training?

The doctors who have chosen to be associated with Casita Montana Medical Center are top members in their field. Mexico boasts some of the most highly trained and experienced cosmetic surgeons in the Western Hemisphere. We work with only the best. Please take a moment to explore the section of this website which profiles Our Doctors for more information

What does it mean to be board certified?

Board certification means the surgeon has been tested and approved to practice in a specific field. He / she has earned a degree from an accredited, well known medical school and has completed the requisite amount of surgery in an accredited facility. He or she will also have completed a supervised residency in plastic surgery in a respected hospital and should have at least two years of professional practice and will have passed rigorous oral and written exams.

Surgeons should not just be board certified but board certified in the specialty you are seeking. You would not want a podiatrist, no matter how talented, performing a rhinoplasty! They are two different specialties. Even dermatologists have been known to try their hand at cosmetic surgery, with disastrous results. It is extremely important that your surgeon has trained specifically in the procedure you want performed.

I don't speak any Spanish. Will that be a problem?

Many of our guest speak no Spanish. It creates no difficulty. From the moment you step off the plane until you leave our care we are here to help. Our doctors and staff both at Casita Montana Medical Center and the Hospital we are associated with in Guadalajara are professionally trained and accustomed to patients who only speak English.

How much will this cost?

Each patient is different. Typically cost is 60 - 70% less than procedures in Canada or the U.S. We recommend you contact us for specifics. We can co ordinate a consultation with one of our doctors who can guide you through the procedures that will best help your transformation.

If I decide I want to stay on in Ajijic after I no longer need post op care ( to work on my tan or get a wardrobe or hair makeover), can you recommend a hotel or Bed and Breakfast?

This is a common request. So much so that we have launched Casita Montana Bed and Breakfast. We offer individual guest rooms as well as private guest suites with fully equipped kitchens and living rooms all with the comforts of home.

We are currently under construction and expect to have a new clothing and gift boutique as well as a full service beauty salon open in January of 2017. All within the Casita Montana complex