Once termed "facelifts" and exclusively reserved for  the very well off and famous, this both esthetic as well as reconstructive surgery is now available for just about everybody interested in maintaining their appearance.  It has evolved greatly in the past few years, and now often refers to a combination of several treatments – such as a lift and Botox or a lift and lipofill. New techniques from all over the world have made it a safe and rewarding investment in your appearance and well-being. 

At Casita Montana Medical Center we offer almost forty years of experience in facial rejuvenation surgery. 


Sometimes patients desire not only to look younger but also to make radical changes in their appearance by eliminating inherited adipose deposits or augmenting a weak bony structure such as chin or cheekbones.


This is a procedure to refresh your facial appearance utilizing all three zones of the face to give an overall more youthful appearance.



This is one of the most technically demanding surgeries, as the nose is the main point of attraction in the face. It is usually done through the closed technique, which means through the inside of the nose so no visible scars are apparent, and therefore requiring great experience and sensibility to ensure a favorable result.
 It can be performed alone or in conjunction with a facelift.


This surgery allows us to turn back the clock on the aging face, restoring a youthful appearance or a giving a mature look but without the stigmata of old age (droopy tissues and turkey gobbler neck). The time for facelift surgery is when the patient is not comfortable with the reflection in the mirror, and the surgery is divided in upper third facelift (forehead lift) mid face (eyelids and cheeks) and lower third (neck and jowls).  The surgery is not painful as the nerves usually lie dormant for some months after surgery due to  stretching of the tissues.  Special attention is given to the muscular anatomy, raising fallen muscle bands especially in the neck. 


This beautifully precise surgery is the cherry on the cake of facial rejuvenation, and is usually the first needed when hooding and bagging become apparent even in early middle age. This simple procedure removes excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids. It is quite painless and affords excellent cosmetic results especially if combined with a neck liposuction to eliminate the double chin or in conjunction with a facelift.


This operation can reshape an adipose neck by sculpting the unwanted fat and then lifting the deep tissues to create  a nice neckline. The neck is an area which many want to change. Some women even stop wearing some of their nicer jewelry as they feel it draws attention to their “turkey gobbler” neck. We understand and can help.


Botulinum toxin is a boon for the younger set who wish to prevent expression lines especially around the eyes as well as concentration or frown lines  on the forehead, and in the mature individuals who wish to look fresh, relaxed and with no tension lines.  Application is done with ultrafine needles and after desensitizing the skin with EMLA and cold therapy. In just a few minutes the muscles that produce frown lines are easily blocked, and the effects are apparent after 3 days and usually last for an average of 6 months.